Thundering Angels MC

The Thundering Angels MC is a 501(c4) non-profit organization. We support several projects designed to raise awareness and involvement, benefiting a number of Local and Regional causes.  We bring together bikers to promote the love of biking and camaraderie.


The Thundering Angels MC is a 501(c4) non-profit organization. We support several projects designed to raise awareness and involvement, benefiting a number of local and regional causes.  We bring together bikers to promote the love of biking and camaraderie.  The club holds various events throughout the year including social events, bike rides, and our annual bike rally. We also support community activities and promote riding skills and safety.


Bringing together biker spirit and values

Including diversity of bikes and membership

Promoting biker brotherhood and camaraderie

Helping those in need by organizing events and activities

 Engaging in and supporting community activities

 Promoting the love of riding

Promoting safety and riding skills

Supporting the larger biker community




Club Name

The name of this not for profit charitable organization shall be the Thundering Angels Motorcycle Club herein after simply and generally referred to as the club.

The club will also be recognized as the National and primary club bearing this name.



Purpose, Goals, and Objectives


To establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie and esprit de corps that will enhance the prestige of all motorcycle riders, encourage on-going rider education and skills development.


1. Seek to improve morale, promote rider awareness and improve individual rider skills. Enhance local community relationship through community service efforts and helping charities through fund raising events by unifying and combining the unique and individual talents of club members.

2. Each member is encouraged to actively participate in the club and support    the objectives of the club by setting a positive example and promoting the safety and welfare of all members.

3. Through special club events and activities help those in need.

4. Establish an effective means of communication with all members to exchange ideas and keep attuned to changes in attitudes and behaviors of riders.

5. Promote and support safety recognition programs.

6. Provide a forum wherein any policy, program, or problem of interest to the members in general, and unit leadership in particular, may be freely discussed in a tactful and constructive manner.

7. No club officer or club member shall profit financially from his or her membership unless it is for board authorized contracted services or purchases.

8. To operate and conduct ourselves in a manner that provides equal opportunity and treatment for all motorcyclists.



Qualification of Members

Membership in the club shall be without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. Active member riders must have a motorcycle endorsement on their state issued drivers' license or be in the process of obtaining one and maintain insurance as required by law.

All members must be aware that they are all responsible for the integrity and credibility of the club. Membership shall consist of three categories as defined below:

1. Full Member:  Any individual who is over the age of 21, a bike owner or recent bike owner and has over one year of riding experience or a person deemed acceptable by the board. A Full Member is authorized to vote upon and discuss all matters in which the member has interests.

2. Associate Member:  Any individual who is under 21 or who has less than 1 year riding experience or is intending to purchase a motorcycle or has no motorcycle but has a genuine interest in the sport. Associate members also have full voting privileges.

 3. Life Member: A life member is one who has done extraordinary work for and on behalf of the club and the community. A life member shall not be required to pay dues. Life members are recommended by the club president and require a 100% board approval vote. Life members also have full voting privileges. Life members are allowed to wear the Life Member club patch.

Active participation and support of projects, activities, and functions of the club are encouraged and are the responsibility of every member.



The following By-Laws are set forth for the normal operation and administration of the Thundering Angels MC, a not for profit organization.



Offices and Duties

SECTION A:  (Club Officers aka Board Members):

The club shall be managed by a board of not less than ten members, and shall include; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, Public Relations and a minimum of four members at large. The board will be elected in accordance with the charter of the club to serve a period of one year.  No term limits are implied and officers can serve longer with membership approval.

1.  President

2.  Vice President

3.  Secretary

4.  Treasurer

5.  Sergeant at Arms

6. Ride Captain

7. Safety Officer

8.  Public Relations/Social Media

9. Membership Chair

10. Past President

11.  Board Members at Large

The club Executive committee shall consist of the club President, Vice President, Treasurer Secretary, Sergeant at Arms and PR Officer.


SECTION B:  (Duties of Officers)


The President is elected by the active member majority.

The duties are as follows:

1. Manage the club according to its Charter and By-laws.

2. Preside at all board, membership and special meetings.

3. Set dates for board, membership, special, and executive meetings.

4. Appoint committee members for special projects.

5. Appoint members to fill vacant officer positions as necessary until a special meeting can be scheduled for an election for the vacant position.

6. Chair the club Board and Executive Committee.

7. Distribute a tentative agenda for the next board or membership meeting.

8. Co-sign any payment check.



The Vice President is elected by the active member majority.

The duties are as follows:

1. Assume duties of the President in his/her absence.

2. Serve as member of Executive Committee.

3. Assist President in the execution of his/her duties as necessary.



The Secretary is elected by the active member majority.

The duties are as follows:

1. Record the minutes of membership meetings and take attendance.

2. Maintain correspondence files.

3. Serve as member of Executive Committee.

4. Provide administrative support required.

5. Maintain social registry (e-mail, phone numbers, etc.)



The Treasurer is elected by the active member majority.

The duties are as follows:

1. Maintain all financial records of the club.

2. Collect the annual dues from club members

3. Collect and keep a log of any moneys gained during fundraisers.

4. Provide a financial report at each board meeting.

5. Provide an end of the year financial report approved by the board.

6. Prepare an annual club budget for board review and approval.

7. Write checks (co-signed by the club president)

8. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.



The Sergeant at Arms is elected by the active member majority.

The duties are as follows:

1. Enforcing that the Bylaws are not violated.

2. Responsible for policing and keeping order at club meetings and events.

3. A responsibility to the club to report any unseemly behavior or incident.

4. Responsible for securing the club colors and club identification from any member that is expelled.

5. Responsible for the safety and security of the club and its members at meetings and club   events.

6. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

7. Conduct the election of board members at the annual club meeting.



The Public Relations Social Media Officer is elected by the active member majority.

The duties are as follows:

1. Conducting club to club and club to press or media event coordination.

2. Carry out responsible communication and coordination with businesses and dealerships.

3. Responsible for obtaining any area or out of town events flyers and bringing forth to the club at meetings or through other avenues.

4. Prepare or assist in producing a club newsletter or club event flyers.

5. Responsible for the club Facebook site.

6. Responsible for the club website.

7. Post frequent and appropriate PR comments to the club Facebook site.

8. Review any media or general communication releases of importance or significance with the club president or vice president prior to release.

9. Solicit event sponsors.



The Board Members at Large are elected by the active member majority.

Their duties are as follows:

Board members at large shall endeavor to attend all club board meetings and shall have full voting privileges.




Ride Leads are appointed by the club president or vice president.

The duties are as follows:

1. Lead the club in formation riding or parades.  The Ride Leads will give ride briefs to all riders prior to the start of a ride.

2. Enforce all rules of group riding.

3. Ride Leads shall have the authority to terminate a member’s participation in a given ride or event for the sake of safety or image.

4. One Ride Lead will always ride point and set the pace.  Another Ride Lead will always ride “sweep” to assure the safety of the club from behind and assist members with mechanical problems.

5. Ride Leads will be designated before each ride.

6. Ride Leads are appointed by the club president or vice president.



The Membership Chair is appointed by the club president.  The Membership

Chair may hold a board position but this is not mandatory.

The duties are as follows:

1. Maintain a record of all current club members.

2. Process membership application forms and forward to the club secretary for obtaining board approval.

3. Have a sign in sheet at meetings and events.

4. Prepare and distribute Membership certificates.

5. Post membership comments to the club Facebook site.



The club Historian is appointed by the club president

The duties are as follows:

1. Appointed by the president and may serve for no set period.

2. Maintains documentation of (unit club).

3. Photographs events and members participating in/at events.

4. Keeps minutes from organized rides (start time, stop time, and stops).



The Creative Director (PR Board Position) is appointed by and reports

to the club president. The Creative Director may hold a board position,

but this is not mandatory.


The duties of the Creative Director are:

1. For any club promotional or membership related material - ensure

artistic consistency and compliance with the club logo and colors.

2. Through coordination with the club board - cause or develop and

maintain the club web site.

3. Ensure the web site is always current and up to date.

4. Oversee development of the annual rally poster and any event or

general interest flyers.


SECTION C:  (Member duties and membership dues)


1. Members will above all conduct themselves with the highest regard of the club principles.  The club must not be tarnished by unrestrained behavior, disrespect of fellow citizens, or acts that generally reflect poorly on the club’s image and reputation.

2. Members will not endanger the club or any member by an illegal act.

3. Each member serves as a safety officer.  Each member is responsible to identify and correct any condition that threatens the welfare of club members or the general public.  Any willful act of unsafe riding could result in suspension of membership.

4. Activities will be conducted in such a manner to encourage participation by all club members and no laws will be enacted that favor or separate members by the type of motorcycle they ride.

5. Members will always hold the club and its colors in high regard.  A member will never verbally accost, assault, or slander any other club member.

6. Members will embrace and encourage an atmosphere of skill improvement, responsible riding, and riding enjoyment and discourage aggressive, competitive, and potentially self destructive riding behaviors.

7. Members will always be ready to help those in need.



1. In order to remain a member in good standing members shall be required to pay annual dues.

2. The annual dues shall be an amount decided upon by the club board prior to the annual club membership meeting.

3. Membership period shall run from January 1st through December 31st.


SECTION D:(Procedural)



Elections shall take place at a general meeting of the club membership held during the first quarter of each year,

Election of a new club officer shall occur as soon as possible whenever an existing officer tenders his or her resignation. Elections shall be conducted by the Sergeant at Arms.



Voting for the election of officers will be by a show of hands with the majority ruling. The candidate for each position with the most votes wins.



Club officers may be removed from office for cause by request of two-thirds of the active membership in the form of a signed petition presented to the club board.


ARTICLE II: (Meetings)


Annual General Membership Meeting:

An annual general membership meeting shall be held in the first quarter of each year for the purpose of electing new officers, reporting on club finances and outlining the plans and the budget for the coming year.


General Membership Meetings:

Club general membership meetings are for disseminating general club business, passing on new information and safety information and welcoming new members.  All members will endeavor to attend club meetings.


ARTICLE III: (Chapters)


Upon receiving written application from an individual or a group the board will review the merits of allowing the formation of a chapter and will prepare such instruments describing the criteria for allowing the formation.


 ARTICLE IV: (Disbursement of Assets)


In the event of dissolution of the club any remaining assets shall be distributed to a worthy non-profit organization that most closely meets the goals as described in Article II of these By Laws. The decision as to which recipient will be made by the majority of the remaining board members.


ARTICLE V: (Revisions)



The adoption and or revision of this charter and associated by-laws require the approval of a majority of votes of the active members present at any meeting, provided a two-week written notice is given the full membership.



This charter and associated by-laws may be amended or abolished in whole or in part by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of votes of the active members present at any meeting, provided a two-week written or e mailed notice is given to the full club membership.

Charter and By Laws approved and adopted by the board of directors on 3/4/2009